Dominick Anthony Takis
Dominick Anthony Takis

Dominick Takis
35 Evelyn Street
Lynn, MA 01902     781.307.6210
Selected Exhibitions 
2018                     invited guest                 Hope Riccardi Studio ,Boston Ma.         
       2018                     2 person                       Atlantic Works Gallery , East Boston
2018                     Group                              Atlantic Works Gallery. East Boston Ma.
2017                     2 person                        Gallery at Spencer Lofts, Chelsea ,Ma.
2017                     2 person                        Hope Riccardi Studio, Boston Ma.
2017                     New Member                Atlantic Works Gallery ,East Boston Ma.
2016                     Group                              Atlantic Works Gallery. East Boston
2016                     solo show                      White Rose Coffeehouse Gallery, lynn,M
2015                     2 person                          Wheelock College ,Towne Art Gallery
 2015                    Group                              Atlantic Works Gallery, East Boston.
2015                     Solo Show                      Galatea Gallery,  Boston, MA
2015                     Solo Show                      Faneuil Library,  Brighton, MA
2013                     Group                              Atlantic Works Gallery, East Boston.
2014                     Collaborative                 Galatea Gallery, Hope Ricciardi,
                                                                         Boston, MA
2013                     Group                               UForge Gallery,   Jamaica Plain, MA
2013                     Solo Show                       Galatea Gallery,  Boston, MA
2012                     Members Show             Galatea Gallery, Boston, MA  
2011                     Group Show                   1st Annual Juried Show, Galatea                                                                          Gallery, Boston, MA
2011                     Solo Show                       Virginia Carten Gallery, Marblehead,
2011                     Solo Show                       Galatea Gallery, Boston, MA
2009-Present     Member Shows            Galatea Gallery, Boston, MA
2009-Present     Virtual Gallery               Caladan Gallery    
2010                     Group                               Portrait Show, Time Warner Gallery,                                                                                 Lynn Arts Juried    Best of Show
2007                     Solo                                 New Work, Recent Collage                                                                         TimeWarner Gallery, Lynn Arts
2005-2007           Group                             Gallery 181, Lawrence, MA  Juried
2005-2007           Group                             Time Warner Gallery, Lynn Arts Juried
2004                      Group                             Villy Sierra Gallery, Bogota, Colombia,
                      Solo                                New Work, Recent Collage
                                                                        Virginia Carten Gallery, Marblehead, MA
2003                      Group                             Blood of the Lamb, Time Warner Gallery,                                                                         Lynn Arts ( Juried by Cathy Boucher)
2003                      Group                             Mixing It Up, Time Warner Gallery, Lynn                                                                         Arts  (Juried by Kathy Sherman)
2003                      Group                             Seeing is Believing, Religious Art Time                                                                         Warner Gallery, Lynn Arts. Juried       
2002                      Group                             In The Spirit,  Time Warner Gallery,
                                                                        Lynn Arts. Juried
2002                      Group                             Inspired by Love, Time Warner Gallery,
                                                                        Lynn Arts. Juried   
2001                      Solo                                Watercolor Drawings, Marblehead Arts,
                                                                        Marblehead, MA
2001                      Group                             Villy Sierra Gallery, Paris, France
1996-1999           Group                             Villy Sierra Gallery, N.Y.C.
1996                      Group                             Pickering Wharf Group Show, Salem,                                                                               Juried
1995                      Group                             Bruce Lurie Gallery, N.Y.C.    

1990                      Group                              Wilkov Goldfeather Gallery, N.Y.C.
1990                      Group                              New Works, Spring 1990,
                                                                         Bruce Lurie Gallery, N.Y.C.
1986                      Solo                                  Winfisky Art Gallery,                                                                                                   Salem State College, Salem, MA
1981,1982            Group                              Alumni Show, Winfisky Art Gallery,
1984, 1985                                                    Salem State College, Salem, MA
1978-2001            Group                             Marblehead Festival of the Arts,
                                                                         Group                                                                                                                       Salem  Arts Festival, Salem, Ma
1979, 1980           Group                              Hamilton Wenham Arts, Hamilton, MA
1987, 1988           Group                              Topsfield Fair, Topsfield, MA  Juried
1976, 1979
1980                       Group                              Salem Heritage Days Festival, Salem                                                                                Juried                                    


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